A New Start

Not to be confused with a license plate from Arrested Development, today marks a new start! Here’s why…

This afternoon I received an e-mail from the Idaho Real Estate Commission giving my my license #. I’m officially a Licensed Real Estate Agent in Idaho. For the moment I am an inactive agent, this week I’ll be committing my name to Next Home Treasure Valley I’m very excited for this and excited for the next chapter in my journey.

I’m nervous though. I don’t have experience with large transactions or contracts, and let’s face it this is one of largest transactions most people will ever do. With time and commitment I’m confident I’ll build confidence. (wow that’s a bad sentence. Let’s try again.)

As I complete transactions over the next few months, the experience I gain will build my confidence. (that’s better!) I know with confidence and a system in place to get new clients I’ll succeed.

So if you’re in Idaho, looking to buy or sell real estate, or just want to chat with a real estate agent. Send me an email, call, or leave a message on this post and I’ll contact you.

Cheers, here is to moving forward!

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