And The Search Is On

2019 has been hands down the most hectic year at work. I enjoy the chaos, the quick pace, and seeing how much a single person can accomplish in a shift. While I enjoy those aspects it’s come to a head, we are losing staff quicker than we are hiring. We’ve worked so many, so hard, that we are dealing with injuries and FMLA leave of absences. A few people out on a team of 25+ would be not problem if we had all the positions filled. when you have only 70% staff (19 out of 27 positions filled) it is really hard to do a consistently good job.

My previous goal was to move up into a position where i could directly affect change for the better. It’s become apparent that being friends is the only way to move up and that’s not how I operate. If we become friends, that’s fantastic, but I’m not going to be a fake friend for a promotion. I don’t turn a cold shoulder or blame anyone on issues I just don’t talk about the hunting trips I didn’t take or hyperbolize my viewing of the BSU football game.

It really does feel like hunting and sports are the two avenues to become friends with those at my current work. I don’t dislike either, i’m just indifferent. I want to spend my time differently. I want to build something, I’ve been working on building my own camping and hiking gear. I have been supporting my partner with her drawing/painting and getting ready to sell a bunch of her art. I’ve been dabbling in streaming video games to see if I can establish a community. I’ve been researching financial independence and developing the path for me and my wife to get there. My lack of depth of friendship with coworkers isn’t a lack of depth of self. I’ve made friends but not in management, I’ve had several people over for board games, smores, or a dinner party.

With all that background, I’m done, I’m ready to move on up. I’m ready to put my management experience at three different locations. I’m ready to work with people who aren’t at their first or second job. I’m ready to stay late because it’s a challenge and I enjoy breaking a job down to it’s basic components and finish it. I’m ready for a career. I’ve applied to a few jobs this week and I’ll be applying to a few more. I’m applying to positions that I believe I would excel at. Things like account management and project manager, I know with minimal training I would knock these out of the park.

What am I writing this for? I just needed to get the thoughts out, make sure I’m pursuing the right thing. Make sure I feel good about the next step I take. I can without a doubt say that moving to a new career path is what is needed for myself, my family, and our future.

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