Term #1 Half Way There.

Classes have started. I have completed week 4 of my classes and I’m not completely burnt out! I have both under estimated and over estimated the time requirements of online classes. I’m definitely figuring it out though.

One thing I’m still not 100% on is how to submit my work through Blackboard. I have to add weekly YouTube videos and I’m not totally sure where to add the link but I just add it to the content, comments, and add artifact section. I figure if it’s in all those places then my bases are covered.

Where I See This All Going

Well I’m not sure where it’s going after school I can worry about this in a year or so. I think in the next few months I’ll be able to go full time. Right now I’m doing part time. Each class is an accelerated online course so there is a lot of reading and a decent time commitment. Fall term will be more pre-requsite classes and then I will be purging 2 terms from when I first went to school 15 years ago and I REALLY had no motivation, I cared about three things; girls, snowboarding, and dating.

So… I think I’m ready. Ready for whatever is coming.

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