I’ll need to learn how to write proper titles once I start classes again…

So around Halloween of last year Zaiga and I sat down and wrote goals. Seemed fitting since it was time to get scared about things. Our goals were to pay off credit card, finish immigration paperwork, and get me back in school.

Credit card? Paid off at the end of November, Z was putting in tons of overtime and we nailed this goal well before the new year. We then opened a Chase Sapphire Preferred card to start saving points for traveling to Hawaii or Latvia, we’re still unsure.

Immigration paperwork? Well we are waiting on the gov to finish their side and then we’ll tackle this again. To be continued…

As it goes for getting me back in school. I will start next month, I will be a half time student studying online going for a business management degree. I’m both excited and nervous, I’ve taught myself a good chunk of programming and I’ve done it primarily through YoutTube and reading articles online. So if I can do that, then I can do online biz degree!

Since I attended BSU in 2012 and had credits from previous schools I’m going in as a sophomore and after only 18 more credits I can apply for an associates. Using a newly acquired degree as leverage for a new position and/or salary. I’ll also be able to drop 2 terms off of my transcript raising my GPA to 3.5+. I’ll look like a legit student!

The primary driver of this is something that happened in November. I applied for a job with Panda Games Manufacturing as a Project Manager. Man, I wanted that job so bad. I believe I would have been good at it and have the skills that it would take to accomplish it even if I didn’t have the experience. Also they wanted 4+ weeks a year of traveling. OK! I love experiencing new places and people. Are you kidding, dream come true. AlsoALSO! I’m an avid table top gamer, I just down right love it and the camaraderie a group of friends can have through gaming.

Moreover the job I’m currently at, I’ve moved up several positions and have gotten several raises but I’m behind for someone my age. I can’t really move up much more without a degree so here I am. Investing in myself.

Wish me luck! I know I could use it.

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