What Did I Just Watch? My Take on Russian Doll.

Before we get into this I’m not holding back on any spoilers at all! Ok, You’ve been warned. Let’s do this.

So Russian Doll is about Nadia Volvokov, played by Natasha Lyonne, who is tormented with reliving her last day on earth over and over again. She dies several times in varying ways. Every time she dies she is no closer to figuring out what is causing this to happen.

Part way through the series Nadia meets Alan Zaveri, played by Charlie Barnett. He is a distraught young man with nothing to live for because his girlfriend of 9 years broke up with him. So he kills himself.

They continue to die at the same time and restart but as they do people, things, fish, start disappearing from their lives. Eventually it becomes pretty much just the essential people for them to face their own demons and realize what it’s all about it.

That Relationship Is Eating You Alive

The moral of the show is letting go of relationships that need to die. Nadia’s mother was an unstable and emotionally abusive person. Nadia blames her self for her mother’s death because she wanted to live with her Grandmother. Really that would be the smartest thing for any child to do in that situation and her grandmother even mentions she didn’t have a choice.

Nadia held regret for wanting a better life for herself; and that’s what she needed to figure out to stop the looping of her death.

Alan on the other hand needed to let go of his relationship, the loveless relationship where he was hollow and she was absent. Putting time into a relationship doesn’t mean you need to stick it out. If it did we’d all have the worst friends ever!

So don’t hold onto toxic relationships whether it be with a mother or a romantic partner. You deserve better!

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