Job Searching and Spicy Resume


with each passing day I feel more and more stagnation in my job. Earlier this year I had a competency assessment and for like the third year in a row I’ve been top of the charts compared to my peers. Last year I didn’t get a comp raise because I was promoted to team lead. OK, fine. This year I was offered a 6% raise and when it was sent to HR they responded with “No one is permitted more than 4%.” This really broke my spirit I finally felt like I was being recognized for my hard work, for my reliability, for the fact that I know and help in every single area on our shift. And it was taken away.

I don’t know what else to do at this place of employment. For me to move up any further someone will have to leave. Although it sure feels like everyone is pretty comfortable. So I’ve been applying elsewhere, trying to demonstrate I’m about 150% more than what my resume leads on. I’ve tried hundreds of different things and am an avid reader and love learning new things and problem solving and connecting people and and and… I have no idea how to tell someone all that before a job interview.


Recently, I had an interview and it went super well I had some features they liked but it would have been a pay cut and not guaranteed hours. I called them and let them know I was thankful they took the time to interview me and if the circumstances were a little bit different I would have taken the job. Like if I was unemployed, or had a passion for selling mobile phones.

At the same time as this interview I was waiting to hear back from Panda Games Manufacturing. This was an entry level project management position and it was a board game manufacturer! How cool would that have been! I met all their minimum requirements and I even had experience organizing teams that would have been good but I didn’t even get an interview. So that leads me to ‘what do I do next?’


What I’m thinking is the Boise State Online Business Management degree. It would fill in gaps in my learning and would actually give my resume that shine that it sorely is missing. I’m much more of a hands on learner and online classes will be difficult for me. I don’t think there is anything that is truly hindering this progression, though. At least not like it did when I went to school for Materials Engineering, math IS HARD! Will look into this next week and see if this is the path I want to pursue.

How have you spiced up your resume?

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