What I’m Doing Lately And Why I’ve Been MIA


I’ve been doing tons of reading. I’m an avid reader and a forever student.

These are the things I’m cycling through right now:


The Millennial Revolution Investment Workshop is a great write up and how-to to get started in investing. Kristy and Bryce have a way of taking something as dry as index investing and make it interesting. They break down the how to do it and even the allocations of funds they used. Essentially they did a 30% total US Stock Market, 30% International Stocks, and 40% Total Bond Market.

If you’ve wanted to try your hand at investing but didn’t know where to start or didn’t want to put money into the stock market just to see a crash. This is a great place to start. Put money in, set up automatic deposits, and let your money grow.


The Art of Gathering is really interesting although I’m not as far through it as I would like to be. So far I’ve gathered have a purpose when you meet! That’s the first section. 🙂 I’ll update more on this one.


I haven’t blogged in quite some time. I really haven’t felt like I have much to share, work has been mundane, wife has been extra busy with her work but we’re saving money and planning for the future. We did take our first real vacations this year! We went to Astoria on the Oregon Coast in March and it was really a wonderful getaway. In August we went to Seattle on a whim and it was a really eventful trip meeting several friends that I’ve met from online. I guess you could say along with learning investing I was also tending to social investments. I Will try to come back to this as I continue to apply for new jobs and start investing with gusto! See you soon friends.


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