A Little Update on My Current Focus

Focus on Family

The last few months have been busy but in the best of ways. My wife(Z) and I had our focus  on getting things ready for Wintry Market. The Wintry Market is a bazaar of hand made goods. I’m incredibly proud of Z and the work she had put in. If we had sold every single item we would have taken home over $3,000. We didn’t need to sell that much but it shows how much work Z put in!

Boise Wintry Market

With all the items she created and the displays kind of figured out we tackled the market. We sold about $800 of items, it’s not as good as we hoped but not disappointing either.

Spending 3 days at Jack’s Urban Meeting Place (JUMP) and it was a learning experience. We should have had a few more Boise/Idaho centric items and cheaper stuffed animals. On our table we had about 15 teddy bears and 10 Jellyfish. We sold all but 4 jellyfish and we only sold one bear, and that was to a friend even! Of course Z didn’t let that get her down and she has already listed them on her ETSY and even discounted them because we are out of space in this house.

Focus on Myself

I’ve also been working on my own things. I completed the tutorial of C++ on the SoloLearn app and have also been trying to teach myself all about investing into stocks and mutual funds. Currently $130 – $150 monthly is automatically being invested; $20 of that is into stocks, the rest is into a 401(b)3 that my employer matches. I’m still looking for where to park 20% – 30% of my retirement in the case of an economic downturn.

What I’ve mostly been reading about is dividends. Although I know very little about it, I’m pretty comfortable with the direction I’m going. I invest with Robinhood app, if you’d like to try it out and get 1 FREE stock share follow my share link HERE!

Here is a chart of my current positions and possible future positions I’d like to hold. This is just a quick chart where I can plug in numbers and see possible dividends. Which is something I’m aiming for with my investments. Student Transportation (STB) and Uniti Group (UNIT) are my two main stocks I’m focusing on in 2018. I’d like to hold 100 shares of each. At current prices that’s somewhere in the ballpark of $2100 and around $280 yearly dividends. This is something I think I’d feel very good about. Receiving money just because I own something every month/quarter. It’s like renting out your money.

Another position I’d like to take soon is with PW or Power REIT. I believe it’s in a position to grow, from what I can see (remember I’m a newbie) it’s on it’s way to being profitable and in the black again. Once that happens then dividends will resume and then the price of shares will go up. I think this is a long term hold because of the possibility of increased value.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Focusing on creating foundations for my wife and myself.

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