Being Authentic, Your Word, And You!

Authentic Life

So, I’m convinced there is nothing better than being your true self and I’ll explain why. Unless your true self is an asshole then change yourself. In all my dealings business, personal, and otherwise; I’m the same person. As authentic as possible, as reliable today as I am every other day. This has given me one extreme benefit with coworkers, especially managers. When there is an issue my word is taken 100%. If you want your word to be taken as truth I’ve got some tips for you.

  1.  Don’t complain. Really, just don’t whine about every little problem. I run into unfinished jobs  or workspaces that aren’t cleaned up every day, I take the 5-10 minutes to clean up, it hasn’t killed me yet. There are others who complain so much that supervisors just “ok, will help if I can.” They never get help. When I ask for help they know the job is actually quite an ordeal and help is actually needed.
  2. Be consistent. A few years ago, the lead at the time said “Mike, you know you need to check this area each night before we go home, right?” I explained that I wasn’t trained on that but I’ll take care of it going forward. Her answer was “I know you always finish your job.” The same thing happened with an upper manager this last week. I was quite nervous to get pulled into an office with a regional manager, general manager, and the operations manager but it turned out they only had questions and praise for me.
  3. Be authentic. Obviously this is my main point. When you’re yourself consistency is easier and less energy is used when you’re not lying. Then use that energy on not complaining. I promise you, you will be happier! Authenticity is acting on self awareness, learn who you are and don’t deviate. Well, like I said before, unless you’re an asshole.
My Authentic Journey

I had an interview a few months ago and I was (still am) under-qualified. They wanted professional writers preferred degree in journalism, English, or Creative Writing. I leaned heavily on this blog and applied, I was surprised I even got an interview.

My best chance to get hired was to be unapologetic about who I am. When I got there the rapport with the interviewer was instant and we got off topic constantly. I told her about my wife, side hustles we have and how they provided me with some skills to use at their business. She then asked about my wife and how we met, I let her know I wrote a story about it! Then this recruiter told me about her husband, their food prep business, and how she has used what she learned at her current job on her side hustle. It was a 30 minute interview that went over an hour. If the hiring was just on ability to relate to a recruiter and be open about life I would have the job today. Unfortunately, my writing skills were not up to snuff. Before this interview I hadn’t written from instructions except for classes. The assessment was quite academic sounding and I’m pretty sure I got a D+ on it.


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