Can You Find A Job Matching Your Passion

Slowly Turning Hobbies To Money

“Work a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life”

We’ve all heard the saying and I finally understand it. I’ve been sorting collectible cards, finding the expensive ones, writing about it on my gaming blog and documenting on Instagram! All of that is nearly boring, except that I have passion towards this game. So it’s not at all a difficult task to undertake when it’s interesting.

I think the bigger point of this isn’t that it’s ‘not working when you love it’ but it’s easier to spend hours working on your side gig that surrounds your passion. Your motivation level will be a hundred times higher than it would be without passion driving results.

What if You Don’t Know Your Passion?

Some people have interests and hobbies but what passion is really the one that will push them into a career they can work for 14 hours a day? A person needs to have self awareness.

How do you become self aware? It’s not easy but do things, different things, stress your boundaries. You could, fall in love with Dungeons and Dragons, get blisters from bouldering the closest rocks, or even get swept away by creating something beautiful. I believe everyone can find something and turn it into some $$. My wife does Etsy and she sells all kinds of different things. Primarily my wife does painting which is her hobby and has started adding plants to her store, which is her passion.

Your Passion Zaiguu Etsy

Once you find something, research it like your life depends on it. Maybe someday you can depend on it.

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