It’s Time For Some Small Business Collaboration

It’s All About Sharing Audiences

Hey business owners, CEOs, and Managers; it’s time to start collaborating with fellow businesses! I don’t mean sitting down after work for a beer and sharing tactics, although that might help some people. What I’m talking about is growing social through collaboration. Let’s look at the steps we can take to accomplish this.


What Can You Do And For Who?

First thing first, figure out what you can offer. When starting out this may be just cash, as you grow share your social audience or you can share products or services you offer. This is an important move and it’s precisely how you get others to say yes.

We’re going to take a look at Proof Eyewear. Proof does some amazing small business collaboration with local and not so local companies. Below is an image of Proof’s main Instagram page.

Small Business Collaboration with Proof Eyewear

Proof is phenomenal with their giveaways. It’s how I found out about them, they did a giveaway with Ava Rae Boutique and Flourchild. Proof threw in some sunglasses and they did a “follow all of us for a chance to win.” They have done several other giveaways each time expanding their reach.

The way Proof brings value to a collaboration is giving away sunglasses. What would yours be?

Expand Your Audience Cheap with Collaboration

This one is a less straight forward but it’s in the same vein as above. Shout outs! A shout out is nothing more than doing a miniature natural ad on your social about someone’s product. Small business are in a prime place to do this.

We all know I want to own a game store cafe in the near future; I would find a small pizza place that has a decent Instagram and invite them for a boardgame night, first beer free. I would use Facebook and Instagram to shout out and tag them, I would say how much fun we’re having and poke fun at whoever is losing whatever game they chose to play. In turn I’d hint or possibly ask the owner/manager to shout out on Instagram. “You guys should post a team picture!” In the end I’d be out a few beers but in the whole scheme of things I’d be ahead.

Route To Collaboration

First, choose what product, service, or social amplification you can deliver?

Second, decide what kind of business and audience you want to reach?

Third, what type of collaboration? (Shout-out, Giveaway, on site events, etc.)

Flight of the Choncords Business Time

Download and print out this worksheet and go collaborate to raise that bottom line! Leave in comments what small business collaboration you have done. Thanks for Stopping by.

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