Facebook Pixel Testing

Follow these steps to get your Facebook Pixel ready.

  1. Install Google Chrome.
  2. Install Pixel Helper Extension.
  3. Check my about me page.

    See how it shows in the Facebook Pixel Helper Extension that there are two events? Well one event “Page View” is site wide, it just says a particular Facebook user visited my site. Note: I don’t know which Facebook user(s) has visited. However I can use it to send ads via Facebook’s ad platform in the future. The other event is “Lead.” I figure if someone spends enough time on my site to trigger the FB pixel then they may be worth an ad later. Possibly someone who wants to purchase installation of their very own Facebook Pixel or help with Facebook Ads.

  4. Now you can search from that same page.

    When you search you are taken to search results and I’ve installed the Facebook Pixel on this page also. No matter what you search as long as you get to the results page I’ll get a +1 on the search event in Facebook. Now I’m not really sure if I’ll ever use search for ads but maybe in the future if I’m getting pretty heavy traffic, I could send an ad to the few people who searched and invested a few extra minutes on my site.Facebook Pixel Standard Events
    As you can see above I’ve got PageView, Search, and Lead Standard Events all being counted. After 20 unique users I can start targeting ads at these Facebook users.

  5. Why use the FB Pixel?

    My theory with the Facebook pixel is implement it as soon as possible so you can start building audiences and look alike audiences for ads. If you’re going to spend money on social, let’s spend it intelligently. If you’ve been using the FB Pixel on your site let me know and let’s chat about how it has worked for you!

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