Tactics For Growth Hacking A Facebook Post

The Internet Your Facebook Post

Well Facebook is indifferent but sometimes it feels like Facebook or the internet doesn’t like a post. Facebook’s algorithm is built in a way that isn’t easily growth hacked, It’s designed in a way that users only see part of what is posted by their friends and people they follow. If you want to get your posts in front of people there are a few things we can do to help. The three options to get people’s attention on a Facebook post are boosting a post, tagging people, or having it shared by someone else.

Boost Facebook Posts

Facebook Post Boost
Boosting is the easiest method to get your posts out in front of other people. This example above is a boosted Facebook post I did over the weekend. Here are the rules I set for the shared post.

  • Time Frame: 1 day, Saturday 3/12/17
  • Cost: $2.00
  • Target Audience: Business Owners, CEO/Owners, and Founders.
  • Target Area: Boise, Caldwell, Mountain home +25 miles on each.

With the above settings I got 92 post engagements. From the analytics on my site I was able to see that seven people viewed my page from Facebook and two people listened to this podcast that was shared. So maybe $1 per listen isn’t a great ROI but I think while building up my personal brand and expanding my own knowledge of how user funnels work, it’s worth it. When you Boost a Facebook post use different settings and document which audience, or days of the week work best, and repeat what works best.

Tag People In Your Post

Tagging others in your post is an effective way to get more eyes on your post. You’ll bring in a small percentage of followers of the tagged business or friends of a person. In my post above I tagged the Paint ‘N Sip Facebook Page, this got me some of their nearly 4.5 thousand followers seeing my post. I got 92 organic impressions of this post, this is because I tagged a business and some their followers who, Facebook decided might like the information, got to see it. Now don’t tag anyone or anything, tag people who you have networked with. If you can get the people you network with to share after you tag them your post can really take off and get much more attention.

Shared Posts

Facebook Post Shared

This was my very first post. I had invited 8 people to my site and did absolutely no other promotion. My wife liked the post which caused a few of her friends to see and my sister-in-law shared which really got eyes on this post. Someone sharing a post you’ve made is by far the most effective way to get views but it’s also the most difficult. I recommend encouraging your audience to share a content rich post to see engagement when it happens.

Start a conversation on my Facebook page about what audience’s have worked well for you. You can also find me on Twitter, and Instagram.

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