The Good and The Bad Instagram Habits

There are Good and Bad Instagram Habits, Don’t be Bad

My aim for this article is to get you to think of Instagram from your target audience’s point-of-view. It’s easy to forget that it’s not about how many likes your pictures are getting but about the impact those pictures are having on an audience.

Lets Go Over Bad Instagram Habits
    1. Don’t scan tags and comment “Nice” “Amazing” “Great picture!” This completely lacks authenticity and sometimes it’s obviously a quick cut and paste. This is on a picture of one of our programmers. It’s a biographical post, not something “really nice” or “amazing.” On my own account I will ask the person “What’s really nice?” or “what about this post makes it amazing?” I’ve never gotten an answer.

Bad Instagram Habits

  1. When posting use good tags! It sounds like a no brainer, but people have a habit of using popular tags to get their pictures seen. For example; I went to Salk Lake Comic Con in 2015 and their tag was #SLCC15, and it was littered with people from other conventions, others trying to sell geek gear, and even some completely unrelated posts.
    So if you’re out and take a picture of trees and landscape get those tags #landscape #nature #trees #summer #flora #Boise #Foothills #Idaho This strategy will make sure people who WANT to see photos you post see them. What good are eyes on your photo worth if they don’t have any interest in that content?
  2. I’m not sure when this became a “thing” but I’ve seen it a ton. Fake following! There are two ways people do this, first is they follow you for only a few days. The other way they do this is follow and if you don’t follow back the come back and like a few pictures. I understand what they are doing, they are lighting me up with alerts with their name. Annoying? Yes! Effective? Probably a little.
Good Instagram Habits You Should Use Right This Minute
  1. Find Instagram accounts that you want to connect with. Not that you want to follow you, that’s the wrong mentality. When these accounts you want to connect with post, you comment, and comment with something constructive. By doing this you create a relationship with the owner of the account and can later push your product or account. You may find that this person really doesn’t need your product.
  2. Post pictures and videos that are different. Don’t let your account become stale with the same picture type over and over. Off the top of my head I can think of a clothing shop that does two pictures side by side every single day. Or there are motivational Instagram accounts that have a black and white photo with text over top, again, every single day. When I took over the Reply Pro Instagram account I instantly started taking pictures around town and of the people in our office. Prior to my take over it looked like a bad early 90s website.

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