How I Setup a Podcast All on My Own


This is a concise write up about how I setup a podcast. I have always been intrigued with podcasts and how they can reach thousands of people. Even in my first week I’ve gotten 26 unique listeners. That’s not a whole lot but I haven’t even pushed this onto friends and family yet. There was one share on Facebook by my wife and a friend who liked the first interview. Without further ado, here are the steps I used to start a podcast.


There is two parts to hosting a podcast. First is hosting the audio files. You can use services like Libsyn or you can host it yourself. I’ll save you some trouble and recommend Libsyn, nearly every independent podcaster that I’ve heard mention a feed/hosting service has recommended Libsyn.

Second is  self hosting, this is what I have done; I already had a web-host where I could upload audio files. All I had to do was buy a domain name and setup a wordpress page. I’ll explain how I did that in the next few steps.


WordPress is an incredibly powerful blogging platform. My web host has a feature called Softalculous to install plugins and I installed wordpress easily with that. If your web host isn’t as friendly you can find installation instructions here. Once WordPress is installed, get a theme you like and brand it appropriately for your purpose.


Next is setting up Powerpress. Powerpress is so easy, when I saw it I knew I had to setup a podcast.

Setup a podcast with Powerpress

Install the plugin and edit your settings. This includes Title of podcast, cover image for your podcast, and other various information. At this point I also recommend signing up for the Blubrry statistics. Once all your information is setup and Blubrry account, you’re ready to post your podcast.

Record Episodes and Post

That awesome recap of that college football game last Saturday, that great movie you want to review, or anything else you’re passionate about, is ready to be posted. I’m recording my own journey about business and marketing. I may even record a podcast about games on my other site. This is where your own creativity and talent comes in. Record your audio and use the free application Audacity to edit your media.

Submit feed to iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, and Blubrry.

Ok, we have setup the blog, setup a web host, recorded the audio, and made a post with the episode. Next, we need to send our feed to the biggest aggregators. These directories are how people will find you by searching.

I submitted my podcast and it was quickly picked up by Itunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, Blubrry, and Google Play. This is a good article to walk you through each directory.

Let me know in the comments about your own podcast! If you found this through listening to my podcast give me a rating and subscribe on iTunes!


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