Being Patient For Once

Being Patient Was Never Too Hard For Me

We’re coming to the end of a sprint and the CEO is focused on 40 different things. I am kind of left to my own devices, and this is where my natural patient resolve comes in handy. I went in Monday and did my normal Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter crawls. Then, I finalized our Tuesday plan; an interview on a podcast. I emailed around and got the CEO an interview with a popular podcast about entrepreneurs. The interviewer himself said that the CEO did a good job, and now we are waiting for it to be posted. I’m hoping this move works for us to get ears on our product. I actually gave this advice to this company last August and they never tried it. If it works now I’m sure they will see my ideas and tactics have some merit.

This is where I had to be patient. The rest of the week I spent time writing email templates for a personalized email campaign. I don’t mind writing this stuff out but I don’t want to do an email blast that feels automated. So, I wrote up the template with a rough paragraph about what I want to get across. Soon I’ll get with the dev team and we’ll figure out what graph or graphs to send to soon-to-be clients.

Next Step

Next, I will do the emails and figuring out how to design an ad for this fickle audience. I really hope to find a rhythm with this soon. As an intern I’m not making an hourly wage but if I get conversions I could get commissions (Fingers crossed). Keep up to date with me and what I’m doing by following me on the following:

Twitter: I_am_myk
Instagram: Mikelzap

Thank you for stopping by.

-Mikel Morris