Facebook Audience is Where I’m Stuck

Facebook Audience Woes

So we paused facebook ads for a bit. Our audience wasn’t responding like we were hoping. The audience we had declared was business owners with an age range of 25+. We only had about 3% click through on the ad and a few downloads of our app. So we are backtracking and we’re going to attempt ad -> messenger. This system should work pretty well for giving a future client an engagement audit.

Here was the first ad.

Reply Pro page oneReply Pro Page 2 replyingReply Pro page 3 overview

Next Step

We’ll do an image of a sample audit with a call to action to contact us for their very own audit. I’m unsure how people will respond but I’m hoping they will be intrigued by the ad and will click through. Wish me luck! 😀

Hopefully, we can figure out the correct facebook audience, though. If you’ve had any success targeting business owners then please comment below!

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