First Weeks With Social Marketing

Where it all starts

So I’m interning at a startup here in Boise. Social Marketing is tough but I’m learning. I’m not great when it comes to social but I’m learning a bunch. I’ll continue to push the limits of what I try and document it here.

I joined Reply Pro, a startup from Boise, ID. Right now the app has facebook, yelp, and google review integration. It’ll be able to help people when they manage their social accounts. I was brought on to try my hand at marketing and outreach. So far I’ve failed to do facebook ads for a SaaS product. It’s tough as hell to get people to click through and download an app. I’ve had mildly good luck getting facebook likes on my own facebook gaming page and getting views on my wife’s Etsy store.

This next week I’ll be giving facebook ads a rest and I’ll focus on creating content on the Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. I’ll hopefully be able to spend time creating good content relating to the company and spending most of my time getting it inter-linked to other people and get some eyes on it.

Mercantile Building Boise Idaho
Mercantile Building, Boise, ID.

One perk of this job is getting access to Trailhead Boise which is a co-working space. I’m hoping to network and interview with people of different backgrounds and businesses. I already interviewed Emilee of Flourchild and will have an interview up soon. We’ll see how all these new endeavors work out.

Where it’s going

My ultimate goal is to own a Tesla. Ha! Well, that is one of the goals. I also want to learn a lot more about business and social marketing and be able to use it for my own businesses in the future. Then I’d like to open my own store. Either a Cafe and game store with a focus on events or a venue for my wife to do her art. She could have a gallery and teach others. So follow my journey and we can have a conversation about it.

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